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07.26 new skin and a lifting of the acceptance rules - look here!

00.00 we have our new skin up! please be mindful that our skinning workshop is still ongoing, if you want to join, just post in the thread.

00.00 we have posted new graphic rules for our directory. kindly read the guideline before posting.
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 site rules, you got to read this
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Meeting people is always exciting, but there is always a groundwork for what's okay in discussion and what's not. First and foremost is respect - we expect you to be civil and to respect everyone in the SONDER community. We do not tolerate any sort of bullying or harassment. We give important values on credits and as such, we would like everyone to give credits where it is due. We do not tolerate stealing of any codes & graphics in here.


Discussions of profound topic that might cause conflict will be considered as formal debate. Thus, any person that will break, or otherwise, commit unethical acts such as Ad Hominem (Attack against a person) will be warned. We ask people to keep an open mind of other's opinion; and if you feel that the discussion couldn't be won, we ask to not force it further, we wil shut it down ourselves. Airing your dirty laundry is not considerate to the many who are in SONDER, and so we ask that if you have any concerns, to please PM a staff member. We want the site to be a welcoming and open community.


The resources available on SONDER are for everyone to use for their roleplay purposes. When you share a resource or template, know that it is open for public usage. The credit should link back to SONDER and must always remain intact when used on another site. Codes can INSPIRE, but you should never STEAL or RIP a code. Duplicating or plagiarizing another's work and passing it off as your own is THEFT. This includes (but is not limited to) not giving credit where it is due, taking a code's skeletal structure and passing off the end result as your own, and mimicking a code.

However, if you are making a code that has been inspired by another's, make sure to have an INSPIRED BY credit somewhere in your code - where it is up to you, but it must be visible and should link to the original work. In addition, you should first PM THE CREATOR and ensure you have permission to create a code inspired by their work. There's a fine line between inspiration and copying, and it'd be for the best not to toe that line.

If you are open to commissions, whether they be for a skin or for a graphic, please note that here on SONDER we do not do commissions. If you have a commission site, you may link that in your gallery or in your signature, but the resources here are free and for everyone to use.


Challenges are a fun aspect that is also meant to challenge you to improve your skills, whether it be in coding, writing, or graphics. To participate in a challenge, all you need to do is follow the instructions regarding the challenge. Note that some challenges are based upon your skill level - if there's a section which denotes what ranks can participate, please follow those. Codes and graphics made during this challenge can still be shared, but you should NOT be using past work as a submission for the challenge - we want to see the newest and latest things you've been creating! Completed challenges also have prizes (which will be announced when the challenge is first given).

There are two types of challenges: Monthly challenges and preset challenges. Preset challenges are for you to take whenever you want, and at your own pace - they'll factor into promos as well and they're a great way for us to see your progress. Monthly challenges are more specific and complex than preset challenges, and these challenges will close at the end of the month.

For monthly coding challenges, reply to the challenge with your code.

For monthly graphic challenges, reply to the challenge with your graphic.

For all writing challenges, ensure you've written your piece in your gallery, then reply to the challenge with the appropriate form and a link to the written piece.


Promotions are a way to be recognized for experience in coding, editing, or writing at a certain level. To be promoted for the first time, you should have a GALLERY and at least 5 different codes in 3 different coding sections. After applying for the first time, you must wait at least ONE MONTH before applying for another promotion. Once you've been promoted, we'll move your gallery to the appropriate section.

Graphic galleries can also function as services in that you are free to offer to make a graphic per a request. However, these services are FREE. All services which are paid eg. commissions should be a source outside of SONDER. All gallery content should follow the jcink TOS. Please don't spam your gallery to bump it - it's just a courtesy thing.


posted on Mar 19 2017, 07:44 AM
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