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07.26 new skin and a lifting of the acceptance rules - look here!

00.00 we have our new skin up! please be mindful that our skinning workshop is still ongoing, if you want to join, just post in the thread.

00.00 we have posted new graphic rules for our directory. kindly read the guideline before posting.
inside us only stars
aka harja
pronouns he/they
cash 2885
coding silver
writing unranked
graphics unranked
cats snakes spiders final fantasy xiv world of warcraft terraria yowamushi pedal soul eater assassination classroom dangan ronpa daiya no ace noragami yu-gi-oh! discworld warriors (erin hunter)
no roleplay sites currently

please ping me if you need me!

if you need help with my codes, feel free to post in the code's thread or send me a PM! if you have coding questions not related to my templates, i recommend the coding help board!