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 MAGICS, urban fantasy school rp
pronouns she/her
cash 280

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"In a world created on top of our own, the Magical Arts Global Institute, Council & Society is safe haven for those gifted with extraordinary talents. A place where everyone speaks the same tongue, where library books fly to you the moment you think of them, where protection wards blow up in your face if you try to venture inside the catacombs, MAGICS fosters a welcoming community for witches from all over the globe. But even amidst an eclectic student body and the strict Witch Council, ever-shifting magic can still threaten the world’s most secret institution.
Especially if it falls into the wrong hands."

MAGICS is a laidback, 18+, no word count, diverse urban fantasy site centered around a hidden magic school. We're brand new so come join us!


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posted on Jul 7 2018, 03:47 PM
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